Love won't rest before it brings you to your knees


Hi, my dear guest.

I am humbled by your visit.

You are now here. 

Coming here is one of your unfolding paths. 

Take a look and see if you like it. If you do and it feels good, then you can deside if you want to go into depths with me as we are unravelling your mind and waking you up to yourself.

It will be the easiest effort you`ve ever done.

Seeking gives the experience of being a seeker. When time comes we are humbled by our own never ending efforts of "getting somewhere". This opens up the seeing of the restless mind. That the boat we have been on all this time is in fact caught in a loop.

We are sinking into compassion, forgiveness and understanding. 

Being will show itself. It will never be what you thought it was. Not anything like it.

It brings with it all the laughter and joy of life. Of being here in the eternal now.


"Become conscious of being conscious. Say or think “I am”, and add nothing to it. Be aware of the stillness that follows the “I am”. Sense your presence, the naked unveiled, unclothed beingness. It is untouched by young or old, rich or poor, good or bad, or any other attributes. It is the spacious womb of all creation, all form."

Ramana Maharshi

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