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We become the nurturing palm in which the universe make it`s Presence.

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Come and heed your nature.

There is nothing to fear. Fear, despair, depression, anxiety, stress, feelings of unfit, not belonging, isolated, lost, unbearable itch that never stops, sorrow and grief. Trapped and want to escape, but scared of what is waiting if you do. Feeling alone no matter how many that surrounds you, even family, friends and lover. Scared to go to bed at night. Scared of getting up from bed in the morning. Feeling of fleeing your entire day and fight the feeling of tiredness and rest. Always in some form of activity, but knowing you do not really want to. Crying in the shower of how lonely one is. Feeling you have no future, chance of no success. Seeing homeless people and drug addicts and being scared you`ll end up like them.

It can feel like one is being pulled back and forth at the same time. Up and down. Stretched. And in this we feel a sense of panic, anxiety, fight or flight, restlessness and "on our toes".

I`ve directly experienced all of the above over longer periods of time. I`ve directly experienced the fusion of the different polarities each of these concepts carry. 

For 6 years I`ve been steadily going deeper and deeper into Mind. Beyond life, beyond existence, beyond every single appearance, beyond perception and sensations, beyond impermanency, beyond love.

One depends upon the other. For "one" to exist there has to be infinite numbers within it. Green depends upon there being colours. "Green" contains infinite colours. "Species" already has infinite species within it. Every possible outcome of a species there could be, which is infinite.

Inside "Cold", in contrast to warm, contains all possible temperatures there could possibly be. Hence cold is warm. Cold is Warm. Warm is Cold. 

A direct experience into the fusion of two polarities. Cold and warm disappears, and what remains is Truth. For that, you have to go to your sink and put your hand under the water.

So what is the polar opposite of our conceptual experience? Your resistance to it might be a good bid. There are sensations occurring now, and your resistance to these. That is basically it. It gets so simple when it is refined and cut down into short embers of wisdom.

And what I`ve just mentioned is conceptual experience also, superimposed upon the beingness of occurring sensate experience. It is an elevated state of Seeing. Action of intelligence.

Seeing is everything. Quite literally too. Awareness is the seen. And awareness knows no boundaries. For instance, you can be aware of a molecule under a microscope, then turning your head and looking at your colleague. Awareness from such a small thing to such a big thing. Hence, size is irrelevant, as awareness knows no boundaries. Small is big. Big is small. 

As you can experience, within "small" contains infinite sizes of small and big. So the concepts of "size", "small", "big" vanishes. 

Look at the letter "B" on your keyboard and then look up. If small is big and big is small, what happens to the concept of "change", or "transition", or even "process"?

Life is not bits and pieces. It is not one thing after another. It only appears that way. Until we See Clearly.

I`ve directly experienced that our experience as humans is nothing but love, and the only way to misunderstand this is to not see clearly the truth of your own sensations. 

There is nothing more I would like, than to melt and fuse with whatever is, no matter what it is or how it appears. The amount of love and joy I get from writing the previous is profound. It is my nature. It is your nature. 

To get to this openness is so much more easier than our mind makes it. Your mind will make everything look like a dredge and dishearten you. It will make things look 1000 times worse than it is. 

Truth never changes. For a Truth to be Truth, it can never change. What is never changing? Who are you?

My sessions are grace-given. We do not adhere to conceptual ideas. Now is the Truth, and we are done playing in the imaginary playground of the world.

There is nothing that is too big for you to handle. 

You just need to See clearly.

Of course you are going to Enlightenment! Any other words or sensations that appears to contradict this is not the Truth, as they change and they come and go. Sensations come and go in a moment. 

Truth never changes. Ever.

I want to share this miraculous life with you.

Requirements? None.

Your presence is everything.

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