"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything."

- Someone


Life after Awakening


That is my family in the photo above. In a way, right there they are living the absolute awakened life. Take a look. Sitting in the sun, drinking coffee, and eating fresh baked buns. It is so simple and natural, like a piece of wood floating down a wide stream that has cut the forest in half.

This was just so obvious after the thoughts vanished and personal biases and fixations disappeared. As I could clearly see how reality got manifested, I could just as clearly enjoy the moment. It is all me.

Like my parents and grandparents above, I enjoy my moment. Whatever arises. And I am here. Not even a center of happening. Just pure emptiness. Like a spinning wheel. The center is absolutely unmoved, and all life, including "my own" are happening as it.

What does a realised life look like?

Well, in short you are Eternal. Being and never ending. You don`t take life personal, or get caught in worldly dramas of "others". Not even your own. What I am is my heart. I am love. This is everything I wanted before, and it is everything I want to be. My life, experiences and sensations, are taking me towards deeper and deeper love for myself; for everything that is.

Compassion is given birth, as greater and greater understanding are being given to me. Thoughts are being thoughts for the greater good of everything. "My thoughts" regarding just one subject are vanishing. Thoughts are now universal with love.

I wake up in the morning around 7, drinking a fresh brewed coffee in the bed and looking out of the window. My girlfriend gets her own cup, and she lies next to me and reads a book or get up to look at our aquariums. I tend to close my eyes again and just notice. I get up and sit down at my chair in the window in the living room and close my eyes some more, reading a book or contemplate with another coffee. I then start to do sessions. This is giving me such a deep meaning of life; to be part of ones awakening and see the change in their eyes. This is the biggest gift I could have. This is everything for me.

I tend to explore myself. Contemplation is so fun, but also noticing the process happening.

I am being given sensations of me, which are now ready to be seen through. Just like resting, I rest and simply look at what is there. It takes me deeper and deeper and deeper. I sense life, everything of it. Knowing utterly that it is created Here Now, and by seeing Here Now the seeing is the only thing required for movement of life. ALL life. Awareness is constantly Here. 

Meditations happens spontaneously. I love them even more after awakening. It feels like exploring the universe. If I get a shitstorm, may it be anger, dispair, hatred, frustrations; I will let it boil over and there might be sounds or movements to release it. NEVER pusing anything by force. I am the meditation, the meditation is me. I follow.

In my want of finding the cause the cause will automatically arise into awareness. I`ll look at the charge, the sensation, alone completely in awareness, get a "complete feel of it" and then just gaze at it. As soft as a feather is resting in your palm. The seeing is piercing it to the root-cause by simply holding awareness on it, and then it will come up to express. Maybe I`ll start to cry. Maybe I`ll start to shake. Maybe laugh. Whatever is arising, I am letting it express as me. Being the charge completely and letting it go wherever it needs to, feel whatever it needs to feel. Discharge.

I have a forest of plants in my apartment and two aquariums, so I use a few hours here and there to clip and trim, water, re-pot and nurture them. I usually eat in silence. Not looking at anything, just eating to the view. I go for slow walks. I love to do grocery shopping every day, seeing what is tempting for my body and what I feel like eating today. 

Showers and saunas... Oh my god. Showers and saunas!!! Showers and saunas are the shit. Swimming in the ocean too.

I might sit down feeling the epic sensation of water on me. I love rain.

Taking out an ice-cold cola zero or Pepsi max lime, and chug half of it right away and ending with a satisfying and loud burp with a smack of the tongue at the end, is pretty epic too.

I cook with my fantastic and very childish girlfriend, and then we usually eat in silence or bullying each other for fun at the dinner table. We are like two kids; yanking the pants down or up, slowly and with eye contact pushing personal belongings of the table, messing up her side of the bed, turning off the light when one is in the bathroom, closing her laptop, just standing there looking at her for 10 seconds just to fart out loud. She is a cartoon, really.

We also take the food to the TV and watch a dedicated series or playthroughs of good games on YouTube. We really enjoy take-outs too.

We tend to go to bed together, but I really enjoy the silence and comfort of the night. I rest with myself. Leaning back in my chair and relaxing. There are evenings where Chi Gong is practiced. There are evenings I watch movies or nature programs.

I go to bed with great joy with all our stuffed animals. Opening J.R.R. Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings and reading until I don`t. I love to read adventures. Donald Duck is good reading too.

I simply love to go to bed. Feeling me.

Now, that looks a lot like a very normal life of a very normal human being! No explosions. Just life.


Let us get one thing straight. I am bald but I am not a monk. And you are probably not one either. You are most likely like me, growing up with the rise of technology, where the common experience among your friends was to get together and play video games and have sleepovers with shitloads of candy and soda. Playing board games. Looking at porn and laughing. Sometimes not laughing at all. Going to the shore and jumping from high altitude into the water, doing stunts and trying to impress the girls. Driving recklessly on the moped. Drinking so much red bull to stay awake your eyes almost pops out. Watching South Park. Smoking weed and watching Borat, crying in laughter with the mouth full of chips. Travelling to far distances on the planet to explore, going on holidays with your friends where the goal was to drink and get laid. Relaxing at the beach.

Having depression and hating life. Having anxiety and can`t do more than three mundane things each day. Having stress so severe your heart is beating as fast as a hummingbird. Having restlessness. Feeling like a failure. Looking at others and wishing you had their life. Trying to fit in through educational systems. Having big doubts about your current life situation. Questioning it. Seeking social acceptance to shadow self-acceptance. Trying and trying and trying, looking, and looking and looking. Experiencing. Learning.

What I am in the moment is all I am. I am what I am. I am whatever is. Notice I don`t "have" anything. I just am what I am. And "am-ness" don`t include "have-ness".

Everything you think you are, is a brutal lie. A smokescreen. False. Do not exist. Clap your hands now. Everything before the clap is gone. You are reborn. Going further, “That” will remove the "am-ness", the "I", and settle you in absolutely nothing. Which is complete enlightenment. The Full Circle. Seeing clearly that no one is home.

You are a human. Having human experience. That includes ALL the above, and so much more. The imperfect is the perfect and striving for perfection is such a waste of time and will end in judgement of yourself. This is hidden through severe indoctrination in your culture. As well as mine. “The perfect picture” is not real. It is impossible to achieve. And your path is to delete everything and rebuild yourself in the face of the authentic. Is authentic perfect? No. Authentic is true to self. No matter what. Complete acceptance of whatever arises when it arises. Like light coming through a glass, as experience coming through you. That is perfect. Does the glass stop the light and grab a hold of it? No, that would be silly.
Again, be mindful. If you are ending up in Nothingness, then there is nothing you can hold on to. Nothing to be kept, nothing to be, except being. 

Be "Actual-Realistic" and look at the end goal.

If you are to cut down a tree you don`t trim the branches. Those will grow out again. You go to the root and rip it up right away.

​Beliefs you have created by online sources and books, friends and so on is not going to cut the root. That is "branch-cutting". When we think of Enlightenment or Awakening, we usually also think of a Buddhist monk sitting in an orange robe being completely at peace and mindful. The glamorous picture of serenity. Well, that`s a great thought! A thought.

Accepting everything as it arises requires no thoughts.

The reason I am writing all of this is to make you understand that you do not have to be someone important, or someone gifted, you absolutely do not need to meditate for 10 years!!! Whoever said that is speaking from tradition. How many ways are there to skin a cat? Infinite ways! The one that says "this is the only way" is simply one perspective, a facet of a diamond. There are many facets, all of them in which the light will be bent very uniquely, creating a whole new relative reality. Infinity expresses infinity! Why can`t you be one of those weirdly unique facets? Of course, you can!

You know what you need to do. And no one else does. You just have to listen to your own language. We need to stop seeking comfort through spiritual concepts or acknowledgements, stop trying to be someone important, and tune in to yourself. There is only "I". And "I" have no "other". It is just you.

All content is content. Spiritual content is more content. Some might be laid out for you to assist you in the process, but you need to have your awareness on your intuition. And awareness on "who is the receiver of all these experiences". YOU.

If not, if you are taking in all the glitter content of enlightenment you are putting on a finer cloth, but you are still putting on more cloth. Give up and wear rags. And notice how this feels.

IT FEELS AMAZING! "Aaaaaaahhhhhh, now I have less weight". 

Awakening is a process of letting go. Letting go comes automatically from seeing clearly who you are.

In the face of Full Awakening, there is little to be spoken of. In fact, there is nothing more to say. There is nothing to say.

How can there be said anything about anything when anything and everything is nothing. The language is nonsense. Intellectual discussions are now a comedy. But entertainment.

​I am describing this very directly and very black and white. Cause it is. 

But what happens in the face of the relative when you wake up?

Simple, calm, and conscious living. Whatever that entail.

You will have all of this, but you will not have it at all. Cause that is impossible. Just like winds being thrown through the sails of a ship, the gush of wind is just a gush to be and not to be. Whatever you gain, you let it go right away. Insights are not held. Realizations are embodied, on its own. You let it go and it comes up if it is required.

Oh man, the helplessness of enlightenment at its essence. The major paradox. You will come to embrace it with your entire heart.

Letting go is True Love.