The focus is on melting in the unconditional. To become unconditional love.


Below you have a choice:

- Realise, or enjoy the continuance of seeking.

People know me as a down to earth person. I laugh a lot, and very loud, and friends tell me that my presence is always making them feel safe, good and content.

My open approach towards awakening so fast has given me everything I`ve ever wanted. Now I can share it. I am here to wake you up, and get you going so you can build your life from authentic movements.

Responsibly and gently. Let`s wake up together.

During our time together, I offer constant email support if questions starts to arise, or you need clarity of what is happening to you.

You write and I answer. I am always here for you. All the way.


Book the first online session with RASA on the email below.
A Zoom invitation will be sent to your provided email a few minutes before the session starts.


Process of Awakening

With session and RASA.
You are stepping into the River of Life.

This contact gives Full Awakening in around 6 months, with around two sessions every month.
True freedom and total understanding is waiting. Always peace in your chest and mind. No matter what is happening within you.
Negative charges causing negative life patterns will be discharged, give you authentic ones that will build you into the new Self. You will perceive authentic life for the first time ever.

You will come to being.
Being needs no mind. Being becomes so much easier without it.

This contact gives exactly that.


Duration: 1 hour.


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Post Awakening with RASA

After Full Awakening.
This speeds up integration of emotional trauma.

You`ll come to discover that the realisation was a realisation, and enlightenment will happen in the integration process. But through this seeing it becomes so much easier, awe-inspiring and exciting, to be the Seeing ahead. Which is becoming a master builder and creator of life. And if you want, like me, explore reality even further.
This contact gives a speeded up integration of enlightenment.
Personally, I received the transmissions myself back in the days. It blasted out my heaviest load. 
Past trauma is sticky. So much easier to just give it up.


Duration: 1 hour.