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We empty to let the light shine as us.

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I am always here for you. All the way.
If you have general questions regarding the sessions please contact me on the provided email below:

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I also offer walk-ins at my office, central in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Complete address would be:

Schleppegrellsgade 10.

2200, Copenhagen N.


Contact me on

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Scott Turner, USA (South America)

A friend recommended Christer's transmission. I was skeptical and thought I knew everything.  We had a chat and a short meditation.  Didn't feel energy or anything and I thought maybe nothing happened. The next day while driving home from work I looked up at the clouds...and I moved into universal consciousness for 30 minutes. I became the universe. His RASA transmission which has been a truly life changing event for which I'm deeply grateful.
It was one of the most staggering experiences of my life and left me thinking that energy work,  evocation and meditation are not enlightenment. Who knows what really is happening but those things seem like an emanation of shakti and RASA as Christer provides it seems like pure consciousness beyond Shiva.
Since that first experience I've had many other experiences, but the most surprising experience of all is the sense of  knowing the truth and the clear awakening of the true self into my personality as well as  the gradual disintegration of troubling energy and behaviours I was unsatisfied with. Every moment is like a contemplation now. Meditation doesn't even seem necessary although it's still enjoyable.
I feel like I'm becoming a better person or becoming the person I was supposed to be.
This has been  a priceless experience and Christer has been a helpful and insightful guide as I have been integrating this astonishing experience.

Conor, Ireland.

"I was lost in a desert of pain when I first met Christer. Over a decade of searching for something... through plant medicine, esoteric yoga, isolation, breathing, extreme encounters and war zones. An endless loop of nothing in the twilight zone. Leading to sorrow, decay and self destruction. I didn't believe in RASA at first. However, after some time I could not ignore its increasing heat. Similar to the sun in early spring, I could not look away anymore. After completing the process, it feels like I have emerged from a bad dream and the relief has unchained me. Clarity is subtle and intense; try telling the sun about all of your illusions, everything but truth will catch fire. Thank you for guiding me to the oasis."

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The price for the sessions are €95.

If you do come from a place of not having the economy to pay fully, I will of course lower it for you. There should be room for everyone here.

Recommended sessions intervals would be once every week, or once every 2nd week. Consistency is key.

Book your online session with RASA on the email below.

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Process of Awakening

RASA Transmission
Want to see what all this fuzz of reality is about?​​

We`ll walk it together. Hand in hand.


Duration: 1 hour (45 minutes of conversation and 15 minutes of RASA Transmission)


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Post Awakening Integration

Post RASA Transmission

After Full Awakening.
This helps you with the integration.

Entering a full enlightenment is where the root to your ego gets cut. It will still act as a fish on land. 

So I offer this session to soothe things out and burn away residing patterns.


Duration: 1 Hour (45 minutes of conversation and 15 minutes RASA Transmission)


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