And who is asking the question?

Is not everyone referring to an "I"?

"I" "am" "Christer". Three individual ideas when put together has the potential of creating my entire life and everything within it. The entire story of "me".

In all these sensations, thoughts, impressions, absolutely everything you are receiving, what are you among all that?
We take out your right hand. Stroke the top surface of it. Is this you?
"Well, of course!" you might say. "It`s my fingers stroking my hand, so yes".

When you take out your hand and wave it through the air, is the air you too? "No, the hand is mine and the air is not me".

Ok, so you are the hand, but not the air.

When you take a breath, does not the air enter "you", becoming "you" and when you exhale you call it "my breath"? In the same way, when you eat food the food is not you but when it enters you, it becomes you? Even when the food exits your body and has returned to its original position outside of you, you still say "that`s my excretion." 

What is you, and what is not you, is completely up to your perspective? 

Take a glass for instance.

We can hold it in our hand in front of us and observe it. Feel it. The temperature. The hardness. The shape. The contrast.

Is it a glass? "Yes". Good. It`s a glass. Now ask: "What is a glass?" And now, look at the glass. Possibilities may start to arise. Is it transparent? Is it it`s colour? Is it hard? Is it amorphous? An object? Is it fusing sand grains? Is it erosion of a rock? Is it solidified melt?

Is it atoms? Is it electrons and protons? Is it subatomic particles? Is it quarks?

What the glass is, is deeply dependent on what you think about it. The position and perspective of an "I". What you think about something and how you are positioned to it.

Is the glass hard? Feel it.

If something is "hard" it can only be hard in comparison to a soft surface. It`s hard to a soft hand. From the perspective of a diamond, the glass would be soft.

Maybe now you start to see that what everything is, is deeply dependent upon you.  Look at the computer screen. Look at my words. You are reading these words right now. Is this a word? See that there are shapes towards a background. Somehow you are reading and getting an understanding through those shapes. Very quickly too. 

Look at the glass again. Now ask: "What is this glass REALLY?" 

You will come to see, like all objects, that you actually have no idea what it is. Since you don`t know, the glass, or object, is unknown.

Objects derives from an idea.

You are an idea. Like the glass, you have countless definitions of yourself. Personality, shape, emotions, contrast, weight, sound, smell, DNA, thoughts, etc; an incredibly unique expression.

But what are you REALLY?

"Who am I?"

There is context and content. Content is everything and draws a fine line to context. A foreground and a background. Observer and the observed. The context remains unchanged. That is, until you change perspective. We are seeing and experiencing all from the perspective of an "I". A subject. Now, who is the subject? Who is the I? "Who" and "I".

Two ideas. What is an idea? An idea is a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. A thought. What is a thought? Now we are getting to where the action is.

What is a thought? Think about it.​

Impermanency. Between your individual thoughts there is a gap. Yes, a real gap. Impossible to think of the gap, so no use to waste energy there. 

How do you see the gap, the stillness, find the treasure, when you are looking at the map? You can`t. It is utterly impossible. The map is not the territory. The menu is not the food.

Where you want to go, you can`t. It`s not possible. You are pushing the door on one side, and "That" is pushing the door on the other side. Even looking, seeking, trying, is holding you back. But it is a beautiful beginning of an end.

When you have a character in a computer game - when someone calls that character an idiot or humiliates it, you take it personally and get angry.

First you were your name and your role in a world, and in your forgetting you have taken the identity of a pixel in a virtual world. Where are you?

What you are looking for is understanding, a realisation. The Great Aha. Through understanding and realising you will find acceptance, peace, love, happiness, tranquillity, harmony, non-attachment; all of which are individual waves in the ocean. You will SIGH so big when it comes. "Ahhhhhhh, I was not real after all." And you sink so beautifully down, feeling peace and safeness like never before. You can`t be harmed.

Does a wave get harmed or die when it gets smashed into the rocky cliffs?

Does it have its own identity with a name? Does the other waves lower their heads and being sad when another wave hits the cliff? "Well, I guess it was Rogers time to go."

When the wave is given rise does it take on cloths and look at its reflection in the other wave, being worried that it`s too big or too small? Afraid what the other might think of it? Does the wave think? Maybe now you see the humor of life and of seeking.

You are that wave. Unaware that it`s the entire ocean. So, you think subjectively and pay attewntion to those thoughts as if they are a matter of life and death. Looking and seeking without seeing where seeking is being created. Trying to find "home" when you never left it. We need to stop.

You are looking after a destination you are already at. And this is where you lose yourself in all kinds of mind-matter. If it matters to the mind, it will solidify into matter, into external circumstances. Freedom is not solid. Does freedom include a fence? Is a country free if it has laws? The more identity you have, laws and fences, the more of a person you feel like. You feel the edge of your skin, as if you are happening within a body. And there is a world happening independently away from you. You matter. You solidify. When you are angry, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, just not happy, you contract, tense up. Sense of solid is being enhanced. The sense of self gets solid.

When you are happy, thrilled, in peace, in exuberance, the sense of self blows out! Into freedom. Into no-fence. Expanding and expanding, until your body/mind becomes the universe. Infinite mind. And finally implodes into nothing. Like a fart in the wind. And there is Silence.

Naturally, you prefer to be more happy than sad. Naturally, this is very unnatural, and exactly why you are not content. You just want happiness. You just want "a good time". How could you experience happiness if it were not for sadness in contrast? How could you experience that "aaaaahhh" sensation of stepping into a hot shower if there was not cold in contrast? How to know you, without the other? You only know yourself through others. This is your personality, your persona. Directly translated from Latin it means "a role or character adopted by an actor".
 And you play this now of your awakening every morning, as the "I-thought" is given rise to your brain, and then taking over the nervous system and ultimately your body and its actions. I know for sure, that this made me helpless. I felt scammed. Trapped. Fooled. And in a way, that is exactly what is going on. And you built the cage yourself. Hence the irony and humor of longing for freedom and total peace, but confused about how to get it. 

How much can the universe forget itself? Take a good look at yourself. What do you see?

To get Right Here is through no effort. You have been trying so much and now I am telling you that it is over.

Our session will silence your world. It will wake you up to yourself. All your patterns, all your life.

Do you go away? No. You will become more you than ever before. A free expression. True authenticity.

You will wake up. You will be alive. You will feel and see what life actually is for the first time. You will be at peace, no matter what.

Let us illuminate the process of RASA.