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"Ego is a process"

So senseless of me to see

the harness of truth derived me

upon this lingering realization

that I am simply a reaction to redemption.

Flowering petals of one or two

took its presence and shattered through

the cause and effect

was little mere than a growth of the complex.

Feelings are one of the same

how fool of me to think this way

that I had a free will in this soup of flicker

and made me blind to the big kicker.

"Takes the Piss"

Music of vastness intrudes my space

among the complexity in the same

I had no idea

I was the one to blame.

This colour of motions in progress

a colourful glass worned by the losses

of human knowledge at its smoldering core

a utility that made this a whole lot more.

Its coming like small crystals

accummelating among the grains of the sickle

plunging into the lots of connections

asking permission to be in the direction.

As the thoughts arise and vanish

so does my awareness of the malice

cause who am I to be this?

Am I not the one who takes the piss.


The glittering dust is shattered among the lotus

the orchestra of the unity plays the revolution

we are all in this with no relations

a plume without it`s volcano, the pumice without it`s accommodation.

The atmospheres are senses through your vision

it leaves the rest to the catching division

a hidden system beneath the awe

only to arise through a pure heart.

The violin cries to your weak fingers

crack and blister, dragged by insist.

Only to discover the moist of the mist

where the condense is the realist.

Constantly heavy

constantly found in subtle pain

in all pleasure and pain, it rains

Oh God, have I really gone insane?

"Hello, I am.."

Hello, I am

Therefore I think

I think that I am

Hello, I guess.

Process of writing

Communication of concepts

Language imagined

Hello, I am thought.

The puny little me

Oh, the harshness of reality

It seems so real to thee

An ice bucket comes for free.

The Big E

What the fuck is to be

No wonder we think

Hello, I guess.


Moonlight hits and starlight strucks

the gazing moment of the zevra rumbles

cast aside the virtue of virtuousness

to end the shattering voice of deep rest.

The mental growth in just

contract and open as the breath above

child clings to love and freedom

neglecting not the transfiguration of broad conduct.

The fauna of laughter sinks in peace

never to arise under the sizzling heat

capturing the moment in the here and now

good luck grasping what one hand can not.

Serenity of void and stillness

goes parallel to the artifact of neither

shining towards the empty nothing

just to break out loud, it was all bluffing.

The love of that which is itself

can never be held, and forever dwell

the breeze of moist from nowhere to here

is all it takes, just say farewell.


What the fuck am I?!

What the hell are all these sensations?

The need to know is insane.

The drive behind it, does it pull me away?

Why can I not just be..

Complete, at peace, in tranquility.

I desire this. My angel kiss.

Does this in fact create a mist?

Fucking questions! -leave me alone!

Who the fuck is asking, and who needs to know?

I`m sad, pulled and disgusted.

Don`t understand a shit. Completely busted.

I`m disgusted. I have to shit.

Stomach full of rotten apples, slides into the pit.

I want to tear open and be rinsed.

Why do I do this to myself? I`ve sinned.

Coffee tastes like bitter ulcer

yet I drink, yet I faulter.

Who the fuck am I?

Oh my God. I want to cry.

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