Christer Dani Carlsen

Biggest fool in the universe.

Don`t know anything.

Can`t touch it

I have done a lot.


Now I don`t :-)

In fact, I never did!

What a glorious comedy.

I am absolutely, utterly, completely in love with my self. I love the entire earth and everything that happens on it. I love the world so much. I love my sadness, my melancholy, my despair, my pain. I love my joy, my laughter, my tranquility, serenity, my endless nature of purity. I am everyone. I am everything. I am the light that shines from beyond. I am the emptiness beyond this light. The Truth. 

I love this moment completely. This moment is everything I am and ever will be.

You can wake up through your own conditions and become Truth.

This transmission is from an exalted lineage. Dip your toe.