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Christer Dani Carlsen

Loves puzzles, coffee, Playstation, food and meditation.

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An adventurous guy from Norway, standing here with my gentle, kind and massively childish fiance. We are both very childish and playful. You have probably noticed on big birthday parties there is a separate table for the kids?

I am Norwegian, she is danish and we both live together in Copenhagen in a very cosy apartment with the world smallest toilet/shower. You can do them both at the same time! Only thing lacking is a food tray attached to the door and you`ll have have everything you need :-) 

I`m not the particular spiritual guy. I never were spiritual. I think it was in 2016 where I had an out of the blue "spiritual awakening", where there was a sudden shift and my perception blew out. I discovered spiritual content and learned for the first time about a thing called spiritual enlightenment. 

For the first time in your life you understood that this was your destiny. This was what you were waiting for, for all those years. Everything was set and ready. You had nothing to lose and you where ready to die.

2 years later full awakening returned. You had many profound and grand experiences or non-doership, mind plummeting to the chest, total annihilation of perception, many more that over these two years made us die many times until we were completely gone, but That remained.

4 years of integration has now passed and we have been in so many states of mind, seeing the empty nature of attached appearances. Truth is all shapes and forms, appears now and I am that. A mirror. An echo. From this place of being there is only being and attendance.

I would like to share some photos.

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Amazing landscapes.

Extreme experiences and pushing limits was my favorite meal before. It still is, but no more pushing, and it all happens in the stillness of seeing clear.

It is different. It remained the same.

Play. A symphony of appearances. Love. 

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