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A map to awakening.

The LOC 1000 is a practical model used to pinpoint your journey towards enlightenment. Yes, awakening happens in a, I won`t say predictable, but a recognizable pattern. It splits up human consciousness into distinct plateaus, a resting place for the self to integrate, understand, see the limitation of your "Here and Now", and naturally be pulled up towards the next plateau. Experiential plateaus, until you fall over the last edge. Becoming absolutely nothing, resting behind experience itself. Total Peace. 

Through knowing your "plateau" you know what is naturally inclined to come next, and where to place your feet in the moment. But uttermost important; see that you are still limited by a you.

30-499: "The River of Life"

This is most of the Human Consciousness. Personality is crystallized into your persona and is not seen as to fluxuate. Negative emotions contract you, tensing you up, and you need constant distraction to escape the sense of you. You are chasing frozen fixations towards unconscious goals, not seeing your fixation is false and empty. You are constantly on the move, from here to there, and from there to here, pursuing "a good time" to not be still. You are stuck by your backload, not being able to move towards authenticity. Your day is one line. Going from one place to another, endlessly "doing". And while doing, you think about what to do next. So, you are caught in a loop, yearning with your heart to settle down and find peace, but your mind has smoke screened your authentic desires and needs, pushing your back onwards towards mind-matter. You believe there is a physical world. You think it is physical. This has never been questioned. You abide unconditionally to authority and to a society, you think there is Right/Wrong, you believe there is a universe, with a planet orbiting a sun and that right now you are standing on that floating rock in space. You think the world is made from bits and pieces, you believe there is a survival of the fittest, an ongoing evolution, "the world is against me and I have to fight towards success", that you are different from the person next to you. You simply think everything. Mind thinks, the body follows. Being lost in your imagination you are not connected to your emotions, to your heart, to life, and that is why you are restlessly on the move. You are reactively ignoring emotions, because to you they cause more harm than good. Because YOU don`t feel good. You look for happiness outside of yourself. You believe happiness is something to achieve through an exterior happening. This is not possible. That is why you have a longing in you. Therefore, you still today after all your experiences have not found it. It takes tremendous honesty to stop lying to yourself. 

When entering the 500 and moving up the scale you are becoming a superior thinker. You have worked hard and consistently towards complete relative understanding. But in the beginning of the 500`s you are not yet open to the metaphysical. You dismiss the meta content of abstract science and spirituality. You dismiss abstract thinking. You are still not ready to open your mind and connect it to the heart. There is still a lot of emotional integration that needs to happen before you can jump up in consciousness. And getting up in consciousness requires deep emotional honesty.

500-559: "The Bonfires of Sacrifice"

The True Bonfire!

You are finally getting ready to enter the "stream of life". You are starting to entertain abstract ideas about reality. You are even starting to question it. "How do I know what I know, to be true?" This is where you are getting the jet engine of seeking. A flow of energy surges into your being, filling you with the release of stagnant unconscious energy which you have held stuck by your belief systems. You are tapping into true potential. You are going from thinking to feeling.You start to doubt your mind, starting to see it`s trickery, starting to honestly yearn after peace within. But you are still being pushed and pulled within the mind, creating all sorts of spiritual distractions. This is where you go to retreats, discipline yourself in daily meditations, reading book after book about Nondualism, tripping on mind-altering drugs, lecturing people of your newly discovered insights, “acting superior” to the society, trying to change the world, seeing a "good and evil/light vs dark", succumbing to the ego once again. The spiritual ego. Which is perfect and very natural. 

You are still the ego, thinking you are getting all these insights, all these wonderful experiences, still passionately believe that you are ahead of others, a chosen one. You might even begin to believe you are a reincarnation of an entity on a mission to wake the planet. Or you might even take these new insights and use it to advance your business to earn more money. Tread carefully. This is all a lie. This will HALT all your spiritual progress. DO NOT STOP.

And this is SUPER important!!! -this is where the ego starts a business. Opening a spiritual shop, becoming a yoga teacher, writing books about spirituality with words of glitter, making mindfulness CD`s or podcasts, wearing a spiritual mask. You are the main reason there is spiritual confusion. Because you yourself are confused, and you are reproducing yourself through your words. The ego is again crystallized, and over 99% will die in this phase. Because you can`t let go of your image. How can there be anything at all in "Nothingness"? See the end goal.

560-599: "Tapping into non-doership”.

Coming towards the 560`s, you are FILLED with the need to know more. And more! There is something you don`t have, which you can attain. You can feel it. Something beyond the controversial reality speaks to you. You will do everything in your power to get there. This is the True Fire of the Seeker. True inner strength begins to boil up. Nothing else makes sense to you now. There is only enlightenment. You don`t yet understand it, but you just know you must walk the path.

As time goes, as you are completing all your detours of distraction, you are starting to tap into Surrender. Observing the mind has revealed some basic mechanisms on how it works. But you are still completely identified to the mind. The first edge is coming closer. You know you must walk blindly. There is much resistance, but you soon realise that the only way to non-duality is through the state of being, not thinking. Giving up. Surrendering. 

To get to this state of surrender, a sincere and forgiving heart must blossom. The tiniest crack in the wall can illuminate a whole room. "You" can`t join enlightenment. This is where the True Seeker separates herself from the common seeker and its environment.

600-640: "Non-Dual Transition"

Enlightenment is attained at 640. But let us get something straight; non-doership is not the end. 

Non-doership is the understanding and seeing clearly that nothing of what is going on is you. You are eating, drinking, sleeping, watching Netflix, masturbating to porn, reading books, grocery shopping; all that your body is doing has been detached. This is a state of pure being. It might come momentarily or it might last a while.
Your emotional integration has cleaned you up so well, burned away all your negative emotions which contracts you, into non-contraction. You expand outwards. There is clearly no border to the sense of self. You feel like a sphere, expanding outwards, but you still feel the sense of self to be "in the middle of it", meaning you still experience a center of gravity, a you, in the middle. Many teachers are at this level. Thinking that this is it. And naturally it feels like it too. But you are not being honest enough. You are still basking in your shine, in the bliss of true freedom, not seeing that you have one leg still chained stuck. Do not stop here. The realisation of No Self is not the finish line. ALL must go. Do not crystallize here. It will wound your spiritual growth substantially. You must climb the ladder until you tumble over the top.

641-699: "Stabilizing in Non-Duality"

Integration happens of deep hidden emotions. You stabilize into a first-hand awakening into non-doership.

700-799: "The Cosmic Vision"

The universe is your body. The sense of self is expanding into infinity. You feel one with the world. The ego has been humbled so deeply, and now you are treading with the spiritual giants. This truly feels like the end of seeking. This truly feels like a complete enlightenment. You are basking in the cosmic ego. From the "no self" self into "cosmic self".  Compared to your egocentric sphere of no-self in the 600`s, this is just a whole new world.

You. Are. The Universe.

But then there is "the other", and "the world" or "the universe".

You see, there is I and there is the universe. You are still in a dual conflict.

How can another be when I am?

The "person" in front of you confuses you. It does feel like that person is not a part of you yet. If the other is to merge with I, then I and the other must go. Going down this road will kill you. Well, the idea of you. The "I". It is truly a beautiful death. Beyond words!

You start to see yet again your limitations of the "I". The "I" is almost alone. It will do whatever it can to slow you down, but the rolling snowball is just too big. And btw, this is super fun!


800-899: "The Unthinkable Surrender"

You heart opens completely. This is the complete surrender of you. There is nowhere to go, nowhere to run. The mind knows this, your heart knows this. Your heart grows to encompass and drown your mind into infinite consciousness. Deep emotional turmoil is coming up for emotional inspection. It is coming up for release and you will make a complete exhale. You are tapping into Peace. Love and bliss enter your experience. This is a plateau soon to be finished. None stay here long. You cannot escape Awareness. Whatever is coming up is not coming up to be forgotten and pushed down again, but to be seen for what it actually is and to be put back to its rightful place within the totality of you.

900: "The Hesitant Hermit"

Solitude. You retreat from the world not needing anything else but being. You are still not finished. This marks the slow and hesitant steps into a complete nondual state. You will stay here, locked away from the world, until you realise that the "world" is you.

1000: "Lost in the Absolute"

You are realised. You have realised your True Self. Everything is gone. Nothing remains. You can`t be identified to anything. Not your mind, not your emotions, not your doings, or any sensations or perceptions. Not even "nothingness". There is just nothing more to say or speak of. Life remains. And that`s it. 

Life begins here.

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