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Location of Session and face to face meetings.

With thoughts towards Corona, we must carefully respect these terms given by the government. 
Face to face sessions is allowed, if we both wear a face mask, and respect the overall interaction. Face masks are not required for outside meetings.
The session will take place in my appartement, or your chosen location in Copenhagen.

How long time and how many sessions is required to get Awakened?

How much do you want to wake up? How much fire do you have in your heart? This is up to you.
We are experiencing seekers entering a Full Realization within 6 months, conducting 1 session every 2 weeks.
Consistency is key. Nothing is achieved without it.

Is RASA a form of Shaktipat?

Yes and no. You are getting absorbed through me.
RASA is passive. It has nothing to do with any of us.
Light is not bound.

Do I need to be an advanced seeker to feel RASA?

Not at all. You might just had an spiritual awakening, or you might been seeking for years upon years. You might be completely new to spirituality. It simply boils down to how much ego is left to desire experience.
If you still want to trip on your ego, go and do that. Until it sees, you`ll always end up right here.

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