Recommended Reading

We are at the crossroads.

I am only recommending readings that are simple, direct, and straight forward.

If I am to be asked which of the books is the most mind cutting, I would definitely say "I am That", by Nisargadatta.

I added the last one, "The Alchemist", as it is such importance to follow your dreams no matter what. And trust the blindfold.

The author is literally reproducing herself in the words. As any other person in your life. That`s why conscious living is crucial! Self-awareness is key.

Think of a bottle. Just a normal ordinary glass bottle. The glass is dark. You can`t see what it contains or how much is in there. In fact, you have no knowledge of it, or what it contains whatsoever.

The bottle represents everything. All perceptions, the works of the world in a way. The only "thing" you have is awareness of it. The bottle is always trying to empty itself. It is always trying to show you it`s contents, the true nature of them. So, it does so continually. 

Liquid content starts to emerge.

The content can only emerge little by little, as the bottleneck squeezes the pace of the flow dramatically. The only things you can see is that tiny fraction of entirety emerging at the bottleneck. 

Now, this is what life is about. Boiled down to this analogy.

Letting it pass, as it is, as it arises, by itself, for itself. As it arises there is awareness on the impermanent phenomena. One coming into awareness, just to be knocked out of the picture by something else. 

But the fictional subject thinks that the content is hers. So, she gets fixated on the content, not the flow itself. And here is where she makes all sorts of crazy drama, pointing fingers, getting into arguments, protecting the content. 

But there is awareness, and there is bottle. No one or no thing is having awareness.

Having said this, choose wisely what you adapt. Choose wisely what kind of information you accept. If you find yourself making up grand theories, be very mindful.

So, we end up with the power to fill up the bottle even more, reading books. 

The gold really, is to adapt the right perspective. Through which awareness can gaze through, cutting away crap you`ve accumulated through your life. In that perspective! Until it`s not. 

Then suddenly, there is no perspective left, nothing for the mind to be pulled towards. No "there is". Nothing the mind is using as a scope to zoom in on. The bottle has emptied, you`ve seen the content for what it is, and you`ve been silently seeing it been emptying with no interference.

Let your story finish itself. Let it be discharged. With no charge left, there are no right or left, up or down, here and there.

Just this.


I am that.
Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Knife sharp, simple, direct, and exalted.

I am laughing just by thinking of this book. It has removed so much bullshit it`s hilarious. 
This spark of genious is so direct, so well formulated, and such an opener.

Keeping it short and effective.

The book contains over 100 conversations between himself and the seeker.

A must-have.

4 commandments.jpg

The Four Agreements

So simple. So Elegant.

This book is based on ancient Toltec wisdom. Giving you four simple agreements to live by.

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.

2. Don't Take Anything Personally.

3. Don't Make Assumptions.

4. Always Do Your Best.


The Presence Process

Locks awareness inside.

This book is the first one I fell into. It changed my life in every single aspect. It is a 10-week program which locks your awareness inside and focuses on emotional integration and emotional understanding. The love I have for this book..

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