Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement.

Let us shed some light on this.

RASA is a form of "Shaktipat". A direct spiritual symbiosis of "oneness".

We are both witnessing the happening.

I jump into the "Clear Mind” and start to create. Just like a pen and paper, in silence, I will draw the scenery and the connection, hold it firm, wait and attract down the Light. I will force open your crown chakra, as well as mine, and then we enter immense light together. Connection to infinite consciousness. I might open more of your chakras. It depends on how I feel you. We emerge with the light, while I maintain and optimize the connection for better flow. You will most likely feel movements over your head.

We will have our eyes closed and for the next 15 minutes you are going to relax completely. As you are getting a tan at the beach, you are simply getting it all by itself, with no effort. This is the essence of enlightenment. This is the essence of the session.

Seekers that come gets incredible and fast results. It is such a direct and sharp way to end your seeking and integrating your realisation. Which is where the real life begins. "Awake inside the dream."

What happens after the session?

You live your life. If you have work, you continue to work. If you have hobbies, you go on about them too. There is nothing more you can do. You are done. 

Now is the time to relax and see change happen for you. You will come to see so many hidden boundaries so subtle it will amaze you.  

It will simply rain away. It comes up for inspection and becomes annihilated by awareness. This is not something you have to think about or try to do. 

RASA sends you up in elevated states of consciousness, to see clearly, and then you contract to integrate. You climb 3 steps up and 1 down. There will be moments of elevated consciousness and true bliss, and there will be moments of emotional turmoil which you have hidden so well. Up and down. Like a battery with a positive charge and a negative charge. Will there still be a battery if the charge is gone?

Whatever comes, it will come in perfect timing, and you never get more than you can handle. Ironically, you never get less either. But trust me on this; whatever comes is valid. Whatever comes, you can handle it. Always.

What happens after realisation?

The fun begins. Now you will learn how to live life. Now you See. Now you are awake. Your relationship to absolutely everything has changed, so you are learning to walk again. It will be the happiest time of your life. All doubt you had about yourself is going to vanish, and what remains is infinite potential.

What remains is true happiness. Peace. Silence. An empty seeing. 

And you will feel connected to everything and everyone, experience everything as your own self.